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Mikayla Duncan

Mikayla Duncan, a talented and dedicated midfielder for the Alcorn State University Soccer Team, has already made a name for herself with her remarkable on-field achievements. A West Bloomfield High School graduate, Mikayla has proven her prowess in the sport since her early days as a redshirt freshman. Throughout the season, she played in 13 games, started in 10, and logged an impressive 884 minutes on the field. Her scoring prowess is evident in her 33.3 percent shots average and 33.3 percent shots on target average, with one goal scored against Alabama State, a Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) opponent.
Alcorn State University, nestled in the picturesque town of Lorman, Mississippi, provides a thriving and supportive environment for academics and athletics. This unique atmosphere offers businesses the chance to engage with passionate athletes like Mikayla and connect with the dedicated Alcorn State University community.
Before joining Alcorn State, Mikayla attended West Virginia State for her freshman year and earned a spot on the MEAC All-Academic Team in 2021. Her impressive academic and athletic achievements, combined with her determination to excel, make Mikayla a highly marketable athlete for NIL opportunities. She is the perfect ambassador for brands looking to expand their reach and resonate with the Alcorn State University community. Her skill on the field, commitment to her sport, and connection to the local community make her a valuable asset to any brand seeking to strengthen its presence in the region.
Mikayla Duncan is an ideal candidate for companies seeking to partner with a driven and accomplished athlete. Her success on the field, coupled with her impressive academic achievements, positions her as an attractive ambassador for brands looking to connect with a motivated and dedicated individual. With her continued success in college soccer and her passion for personal growth, Mikayla Duncan is an outstanding choice for NIL partnerships.

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