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James Faulkner





Southfield, MI

Notre Dame College











James Faulkner

A standout athlete with a passion for both sports and personal pursuits, James Faulkner is a talented junior tight end at Notre Dame College, having transferred from Saginaw Valley State. Standing at 6'3 and weighing in at 230 lbs, James has made a significant impact on the field with his size, strength, and agility. In the 2022 season, he appeared in 10 games, consistently demonstrating his versatility and skill set as a valuable member of the team.
During his time at West Bloomfield High School, James was a dual-sport athlete, participating in both football and basketball. His success in both sports led him to pursue football at the collegiate level, where he continues to excel and showcase his dedication to the game.
Off the field, James has built a strong personal brand with his diverse interests, including his love for dogs. As a devoted dog owner to Ace, a 3-year-old American Bully, James demonstrates his caring and compassionate side, further expanding his appeal for NIL opportunities.
James Faulkner is the ideal candidate for companies seeking to partner with an athlete who demonstrates dedication, talent, and a unique range of interests. His success on the field, combined with his passion for personal pursuits and his devotion to his beloved dog, positions him as an ideal ambassador for brands looking to engage with a multidimensional and relatable individual. James's accomplishments on and off the field, as well as his commitment to personal growth, make him a strong choice for NIL partnerships.

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